This policy provides the guidelines that form a sound basis for effective human resource management. They are flexible and adapt to TAYAL’s multicultural environment while promoting local sustainable development and territorial anchoring.
In its HR policy, TAYAL is committed to:

Respect the seventeen objectives of sustainable development as well as the seven principles of social responsibility ISO 26000.

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Respect human rights both in their regulatory aspects and in international standards of behavior.

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Preserve the vulnerable and outlaw all forms of forced labor.

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Ensure non-discrimination, social protection, freedom of association and the development of its human capital.

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Unite its employees around their health, safety and well-being at work and balance between personal and professional life.

Working in TAYAL

Equity, non-discrimination and protection of the vulnerable

Thanks to the development potential of TAYAL, the Human Resources Department offers equal opportunities for access to employment, without discrimination and also works to preserve employment.
TAYAL guarantees employment equity for foreigners, prohibits all child labour, forced labour and protects vulnerable persons as well as freedom of association.

Talent Development

Investment in training

Vocational training is one of TAYAL’s priority investments. Beyond the regulatory provisions, TAYAL deploys a training policy that promotes the development of human capital regardless of its socio-professional category.

Health and Safety at Work

In accordance with regulatory requirements and international safety, hygiene and security standards; TAYAL offers a working environment that protects the health and well-being of its employees. Each employee must ensure his or her own safety as well as that of his or her colleagues and encourages a balance between personal and professional life.

Shared responsibility between HR and internal stakeholders

Each employee is an important link in TAYAL and is responsible for the way he works, communicates and conveys the values and culture of TAYAL.
The human resources team ensures that the regulatory, administrative and managerial provisions of human resources are implemented in a coherent and equitable manner. TAYAL promotes its communication to its internal and external stakeholders.